The questions our customers most frequently ask are answered below.
If you have any further questions, we are happy to help.

Do you sell flavourings retail?

No, only B2B.

What packaging sizes are available?

For powdered flavourings: – 25 Kg – 5 Kg (only some)
For liquid flavourings: – 20/25 Kg – 650/1000 Kg,
in tank/cube with tap – 5 Kg (only some)
We do not provide other forms of packaging besides those shown.

What are your delivery methods?

Goods are sold ex works. You can take advantage of special arrangements with our courier and pay a special fixed price.

When I receive a sample, where do I find how to use it?

Consult chapter 2 of the product data sheet. If you need further information please contact us.

How can I find out about the legal status of your products?

Consult chapter 4 of the product data sheet, or send an e-mail to qa@metroz.it

Where can I find the solution to a specific flavouring problem?

Contact us.

Can I receive a test sample before placing an order?

Yes. Just let us know the quantity of finished product you need to flavour with the sample flavouring, or send us a completed Sample Request Form.

Are there minimum quantities for a single order?

There is only a minimum billing amount of 500 euros. The minimum quantity of each individual order corresponds to the size of the packaging.

What are your standard delivery times?

Standard flavourings are produced and delivered to our courier within six working days of the order; special or exclusive flavourings within fourteen working days.

How do I place an order?

Simply send your request through our contact form or to: order.entry@metroz.it

How can I get technical support for a development project?

Through our contact form.

Can I place a trial order?

Yes, you can place a trial order for small quantities below the minimum billing amount.

How do I get a quote or an offer?

Simply request one through our contact form or write to: order.entry@metroz.it

How can I request technical and safety data sheets?

Technical and safety data sheets are normally delivered together with orders and samples. You can also request them through our contact form.

How can I get suggestions and advice on adjustments to recipes?

You can request them through our contact form.